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Lip Augmentation Fort Lauderdale FL

Lip Augmentation by our Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

If you are troubled by your thin lips or the fine lines surrounding your lips, lip augmentation might be a good option for you. This procedure plumps up your lips to fill them out and give them a fuller, sexier look.

Dr. Chance Kaplan of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is skilled in the art of lip augmentation. You can trust Dr. Kaplan to give you beautiful results. He has been practicing surgery since 1987 and has served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at William Beaumont Army Medical Center while he was serving in the U.S. Army. Not only do clients across the United States trust their appearance to Dr. Kaplan, he also helps less fortunate people around the globe have access to life-changing surgeries through organizations like Operation Smile.

Dr. Kaplan is happy to meet with you to discuss your desire for lip augmentation surgery and help you decide whether the procedure is right for you. Call our Fort Lauderdale office today to schedule your consultation appointment.

Your Lip Augmentation Consultation

Your consultation is an opportunity for you to meet with Dr. Kaplan at our Fort Lauderdale office and discuss the lip augmentation procedure, your options should you decide to have the procedure and any risks and side effects. Dr. Kaplan will take a detailed medical history and will ask you questions to determine your goals and expectations for this procedure. Working together, you and Dr. Kaplan will determine whether lip augmentation is a good option for you.

If you decide to move forward, your augmentation procedure will be scheduled. We perform most surgical and nonsurgical procedures right here in our Fort Lauderdale office. Dr. Kaplan will review your self-care instructions for both the days preceding your procedure and immediately afterward.

Lip Augmentation Procedures

Lip augmentation can be done using a number of different synthetic or natural materials — including fat from your own body. Dr. Kaplan will discuss the different advantages of each type of material and work with you to determine which one is best for you and your individual needs.

Some types of augmentation materials are injected directly into your lips. The plumping effect may be temporary depending on the material and require further treatments for upkeep. One type of material, called Alloderm, is made up of natural collagen and is placed through small incisions made in the corners of your mouth. This type of implant is more permanent and eventually integrates with your own natural tissues.

Lip Augmentation Recovery

Depending on the procedure used, you could be up and moving immediately following your procedure. If your lip augmentation involved surgery, you can expect some rest and recovery time to avoid altering your results. These procedures usually require about one week of reduced activity.

Follow Dr. Kaplan’s instructions for self-care following your lip augmentation procedure and keep all your follow-up appointments. These appointments are important because they help Dr. Kaplan track your healing following your procedure and also help him determine when you are due for additional injections if you are using one of the less permanent methods of augmentation.

Are you ready to talk to Dr. Kaplan about lip augmentation? Call our Fort Lauderdale office today at 954-772-1069 to schedule your consultation appointment.