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Latisse Fort Lauderdale FL

Latisse by at our Fort Lauderdale location

Latisse Fort LauderdaleLatisse is a prescription medication used to treat thinning eyelashes, a medical condition called hypotrichosis. Thin lashes can occur as a result of aging. The condition is more than just a cosmetic concern; your lashes provide a crucial barrier that prevents germs and other debris from reaching your eyes.

Dr. Chance Kaplan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can help you determine whether Latisse is right for your condition and provide you with a prescription for the medication. Dr. Kaplan is a well-respected and trusted plastic and cosmetic surgeon who also specializes in nonsurgical treatments including Botox, Restylane, Radiesse and more.

Call our Fort Lauderdale office for a consultation appointment to meet with Dr. Kaplan and find out whether Latisse is a good option for you.

Your Latisse Consultation

At your consultation at our Fort Lauderdale office, Dr. Kaplan will talk to you about your reasons for wanting Latisse. He will go over the way the medication works, how to apply the medication and the results you can expect as well as reviewing possible side effects.

Most healthy adults are good candidates for Latisse. If you have any of the following conditions, be sure to let Dr. Kaplan know:

– You have been diagnosed with an intraocular eye pressure condition
– You are taking medication for an intraocular eye pressure condition
– You have personal risk factors or a family history of glaucoma

These conditions do not rule you out of treatment with Latisse; however, they will require that you be carefully monitored while you are using the medication to prevent problems.


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Latisse Before and After Photo Fort Lauderdale

Latisse Before and After Photo Fort Lauderdale


Applying Latisse

Latisse is a topical medication that is applied with a special applicator directly to the base of your lashes rather than to the lashes themselves like mascara. Latisse should be applied following these steps:

1. Remove makeup and contact lenses before applying Latisse.
2. Apply one drop of the Latisse to a fresh, clean applicator.
3. Use the applicator to apply the Latisse to the skin at the base of your eyelashes.
4. Blot excess medication using a tissue.
5. Use a fresh applicator to apply the medication to the other eyelid.

To make your experience with Latisse even better and more effective, follow these tips:

– Create a routine for using your Latisse. Plan a set time to apply the medication. Setting an alarm may help you to remember at first before applying the medication becomes habit.
– Keep your medication in a convenient location so that you remember to use it. Many people choose to keep the medication in the bathroom where they wash their face and brush their teeth.
– Only use the medication once daily as directed. Applying it more frequently will not encourage additional growth.
– Only apply Latisse using the applicators provided with the medication. Do not use cotton swabs or your fingertips.
– Always wash your hands before applying your medication.

Results With Latisse

It takes several weeks to see real results with Latisse. Have patience. You may start to notice improvement by week four, and many people see dramatic results by week eight. By week 16, you may have your original, full lashes back.

Your lashes will only continue to grow and maintain their length as long as you are using Latisse. If you stop applying the medication, your lashes will revert back. Dr. Kaplan will discuss your ongoing treatment with you.

Are you interested in finding out more about Latisse and whether it might be right for you? Call our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-772-1069 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Kaplan.