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Breast Implants Augmentation Revision Surgery Fort Lauderdale FL

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery by our Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Revision Surgery Fort LauderdaleIf you need a breast revision, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon with an excellent track record and extensive experience. Fort Lauderdale surgeon Dr. Chance Kaplan has the skills and know-how to give you beautiful results so you feel good about the way you look again.

Do You Need a Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery?

Every woman’s body is different, and unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get the results you were hoping for from your breast augmentation surgery. Maybe you’ve lost a significant amount of weight after your surgery. Perhaps you unknowingly chose a less experienced surgeon. Sometimes the problem is with the implant used. The implant itself could be defective, or you may have sustained an injury to your breast that damaged the implant.

Whatever the reason, Dr. Kaplan can help. Contact us in Fort Lauderdale or call our office at 954-772-1069.


Your Breast Augmentation Revision Consultation

If you are concerned about the appearance of your breasts following your breast augmentation, whether your surgery was recent or happened a decade ago, please call our Fort Lauderdale office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Kaplan.

Dr. Kaplan will examine you and discuss the problem, when it occurred and the cause, if known. He will ask about your goals for the breast revision surgery, for example what size and shape you are trying to achieve as well as nipple placement and other cosmetic concerns.

If possible, please provide detailed information on your previous surgery including the doctor who performed it and the date it was performed. Dr. Kaplan may have you sign a release to allow him to speak to the previous surgeon to get more specific details about the surgery. This information is important and will improve his ability to give you the results you want.

The process for preparing for a breast revision is very similar to preparing for a breast augmentation. Follow Dr. Kaplan’s directions for lifestyle and medication modifications in the days preceding your breast revision surgery.

Your Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

The exact procedure and technique used during your breast revision will vary depending on the issue needing correcting. If the problem is a damaged or poorly placed implant, the breast revision procedure will be very similar to the original augmentation procedure. Dr. Kaplan will always try to work through the original scar to prevent additional scarring, and your implants will be repaired or replaced through this point of entry.

When your breasts need repositioning because of weight loss or changes caused by pregnancy, the process will be similar to a breast lift. In this case, additional incisions may be necessary, especially if it is necessary to remove excess skin. Dr. Kaplan will always be careful to keep your incisions as small as possible and place them so they are hidden by the natural contours of your body.

If your breasts are improperly positioned because of capsular constriction, a condition caused when your incisions don’t heal properly and your scar tightens too much, it may be necessary to remove the original scar tissue and create new incisions. Because capsular constriction can occur for a variety of reasons, Dr. Kaplan will carefully monitor your healing following your breast revision procedure to make sure the problem does not return.

Following Your Breast Revision Procedure

Healing time following a breast revision will depend on the type of revision being performed and the extent of correction required. Dr. Kaplan will give you a complete set of instructions for post-op care. Follow up with our Fort Lauderdale office as directed so that Dr. Kaplan can check your progress and make sure that everything is healing properly. Following your aftercare instructions carefully will help ensure proper healing and prevent future problems from occurring.